Lewis Bangham 

Professor of the Art Academy University in San Francisco.

T Barny

A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, T Barny takes his exploration of shape and form to a new level of science and design. By using ancient carving techniques alongside modern power tools he creates visually stunning Mobius, Curvilinear and Superellipsoid Designs in bronze, wood, water, steel and stone. From 1 foot high table top sculptures to 12 foot tall corporate monoliths, he releases the inherent forms he sees in these diverse materials.

Martha Wade
Ms. Wade is both a painter and a muralist.
"When I am unable to sidestep my impulse to control the outcome of a piece, I’m inevitably left with an image that is flat and dead on the canvas. When I am able to listen and respond more carefully, the work can sometimes take on a surprising and energetic life of its own."-- By Matha Wade

Jerry&Deborah Kermode
They have a love affair with trees; their continued growth is as important as the joy of turning. Jerry searches out recycled trees and logs from sustainable harvesting operations. After he sands to 1200 grit and applies a coat of Danish oil, Deborah burnishes with steel wool and carnauba wax.  In this way the tree is allowed to extend itself beyond its rooted existence, through their hands into ours.

Sara Friedlander

"My goal as an artist is to bring into focus the beauty that the camera records in a split second, despite our mind’s need to absorb and quickly decipher all that incoming information. If we could not remember the past, how can we move forward to the future"-- Sara Friedlander.

Phil and Ann Leech

Phil and Ann Leech are natives of Indiana who have been creating art all of their lives.  With degrees from the University of Cincinnati, School of Design, Art & Architecture, Phil has created wood and metal sculpture and pottery in addition to architecture, and Ann worked as an interior designer and then as a painter/printmaker.  In 1994 they began working with silver, studying metal techniques at  Arrowmont School, University of Tennessee,  and Penland fine craft school in North  Carolina. In 1997 they moved to Northern California and have combined their talents creating hand-fabricated jewelry of silver, gold and stones. 

Jeff Arnett

Wood. Bronze. Stone. “It’s easy to forget but forgetting is how art begins.”--- Jeff Arnett.

David Kingwill

Mr. Kingwill is not just a great architect but also a gifted artist. The abstract method he uses to paint is an equally creative antithesis to technical drawing, as the style is essentially free, subject to surprise. The paint is poured on the canvas, sometimes on prestretched frames and often on canvas which is stretched after completion. The process is dynamic and somewhat unpredictable. The result is a wonderful blend of overlapping shape and color.

Joel Bennett 

For over 30 years the focus of my work has been burnished pit fired vessels, sculptures, wall murals, and drums / percussion instruments. 

Chris Johnson

Whether I am making a conceptual sculpture or a simple drinking glass, my goal is to explore the range of color and beauty that glass offers as a medium.  Though I trained for a career in digital arts, I have always been attracted to media that I could actually shape with my hands. In the mid-eighties I began exploring various studio arts and even took up metal smithing for a few years.  In 1998 a friend introduced me to glassblowing….and I haven’t looked back since.

Peter Thomas

Being a book artist is more than just making books; it’s living and breathing them. It’s about becoming so involved with the subject matter that the physical attributes of the book reveal themselves. It’s about listening to the materials invoke the proper text. It’s about loving those materials and knowing them so well that we feel their desire to be used in the book we are making. We didn’t begin our artistic careers planning to be artists of the book. It was more a case of being called, inspired with the desire to make a Good Book: one that, through the materials, in the text, and by the visual and tactile impact, will move the viewer from the everyday to a new place, a place that stirs the soul.


Gerald Huth
Mr. Huth's work, deeply personal and expressionistic in its nature, deals with the "human condition", my own life experiences, and impressions gained through my extensive travels to other countries and by exposure to their cultures.
"The role of the artist is to fulfill the human expression of the time in which we live."--- Gerald Huth.

Mr. Comfort

Mr. Comfort is not only a talented artist but also a great writer."I regard my own work as a synthetic. Primitive to the extent that it tends to the animistic. Medieval to the extent that it tends to the hierarchical, allegorical, religious. Expressionist to the extent that it is hermetic, violent, extremist. Surrealist to the extent that it is hallucinatory, rooted in the Unconscious. And abstract to the extent that it is metaphysical" --- By David 

William Marino

The art of recycled materials, wound & folded paper. I work the rewound strips from dartboards into different shapes and pack them tightly into frames to create images that reference the movement and flow of water and air, and the sparkle and shimmer of the night sky.
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