One World

Keya Thota 14

Fremont, CA, USA

My Safe Blue World

Daksh Bafna, Age: 10

Somerset, NJ, USA

Now, Face the Future of the Earth

Khloe Chan Age: 6

San Francisco, CA, USA

Preliminary Judging Round 

Submit an online entry form with a digital photo of your work by Nov 30, 2018.

Once your artwork is completed, you will take a good digital picture of it to submit by email at the time you submit your online entry form. Do not send your original artwork for the preliminary judging round. A team of judges will review all entries and select finalists in each age category and each artwork category. Finalists will be contacted in 30 days after submission via email.

Group 3

Age 13 and Above

Overlooking the Terrestrials

Kaitlyn Southiphonh 13

San Francisco, CA, USA

One World

Ashley Tan, Age: 14

Subang Jaya, Malaysia

What will happen to the polar bears?

Kaitlyn Schlipf 8

San Francisco, CA, USA

"Future with peace... Or Humanity to Cease ? Make the right choice !"

Tarika Aravind 6

Plano, Texas, USA


Sharon Zhan, Age:15

Beijing, China

Cities of the New Beginning

Jingqi Weng, Age:12

Quincy, Massachusetts, USA


Participants’ artwork must be original.

Art can represent the following mediums: drawing and painting (i.e., pencil, charcoal, pastels, colored pencils, oil paints, acrylics, water media, mixed media) and photography.

Students give permission to Arts For Future to exhibit, reproduce, copy and print artwork for the purpose of promoting and publishing.

Group 3

Age 13-17

We Can Do It Together

Joanne Teh, Age: 14

Riverside, CA, USA

I am in the Future World

Seher Kaur 10

Somerset, NJ, USA

Our Futuristic City

Kate Shin, Age: 15

Cupertino, CA


Calling Artists: K-12

Group 1 (Age 6 and under)  

Group 2 (Age 7-12)

Group 3 (Age 13-17)


Kelly Li 15

Beijing, China

A.I. Pet

Chun Kit Yip 13

Georgetown, Malaysia


Karuna Shakya, Age:12

Slough, UK

Make a green and happy life

Rebecca Liu, Age: 6

Santa Clara, CA, USA

Our World Our Future

Arkopriya Aich, Age:9

Fremont, CA, USA

This Earth is My Home, No Matter What Future Brings

Adaeze Okeke, Age: 12

Franklin Park, NJ, USA

Group Award 

Grand Prize

Contact Us

Group 1

Age 6 and Under

Honorable Mention

Light of the future

Jenna Huangfu, Age: 14

Beijing, China

Me, Our World, and the Future

Hyeyeon Lee 12

Lewisville, Texas, USA

Third Place

Running towards the future

Arim Jun 11

Dallas, TX, USA

Titan system for us

Kyle Wu, Age: 6

Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Group 2

Age 7-12

Human and nature

Yixuan Liu, Age:11

Wuhan, China

Save the World, Save the Future.

Ashvika Bandaru, Age: 15

Franklin Park, NJ, USA

First Place


We are all Happy!

Kamalika Kasam 6

Franklin Park, NJ, USA

Technology Changes But Familyhood Remains

Jia Xinn Nicole Lim, Age: 10

Georgetown, Malaysia

Blow your Dream

Hailey Um, Age: 16

Plano, TX, USA

Window to the Future

Annie Xinran Lin 14

Houston, TX, USA


The art will be judged on four primary artistic elements:

Creativity       (25%)

Skill / ability   (25%)

Color             (25%)

Expression    (25%)

My world in color

Yiting Huang, Age: 12

Irvine, CA, USA

Finalist Judging Round 

If your artwork is selected as a finalist, you will be contacted after submission and invited to deliver to us (mail to our headquarter) your original artwork for the final judging round.

​Arts for The Future

Mailing Address:  39120 Argonaut Way #756, Fremont, CA 94538

​If your artwork is selected as a finalist, please send a fee of $15 (US dollar) to us for certificate shipping.  You will be contacted via emails with more details.

Finalists’ artwork delivery deadline: Feb 28, 2019

All finalists’ original artwork pieces will be a collection to Arts for The Future and will not be returned to the students.

Note: The expense of getting the original artwork to the judging location is the responsibility of the finalists.

Unity to Success

Josefien G. Gonzales, Age:10

Sto. Cristo, Mexico, Philippines

Group Award 

Each group will receive a Grand Prize, First Place, Second Place, Third Place and Honorable Mention if more than 200, 100, 50 ,20 student submit their work online. And certificate will be awarded to each organization. List of Group Award will be published in the international media including ABC, NBC, CBS, Ifeng etc.

Group 1

Age 6 and Under

Global warming on a lightbulb

Cindy Liu, Age: 11

San Jose, CA, USA

Group 2

Age 7-12


Precious animals
Silin Pan, Age: 11

Ningde, China


Lisa Zhang, Age:12

Beijing, China

Greener And Peaceful Land

Yi Xuan Lim, Age: 9

Georgetown, Malaysia

Group 1

Age 6 and Under

Awards & Honors

Grand Prize, First Place, Second Place, Third Place and Honorable Mention in each age group will receive a certificate.

Grand Prize, First Place, Second Place work will be showed in art exhibition in Google San Francisco and Peninsula Museum of Art and be published in the international media including ABC, NBC, CBS, Ifeng, Sina, Sohu etc.


Silvia Guo, Age: 6

Fremont, CA, USA

International Media

Below are part of the students who received Honorable Mention

Group 3

Age 13-18

Contest Invitation

Arts for The Future is inviting students from all over the world to use their talents, imagination, and creativity to create original artwork “Our World, Our Future”.  2018-19 California International Student Art Contest is launched by 501C3 Non-Profit Organization Arts for The Future and Peninsula Museum of Art. Organized by Innovative Bay.​


Our World, Our Future


Athena Wang, Age:15

Fremont, CA, USA

Our World, Our Future

Skylie Urienza, Age: 10

Walnut Creek, CA


Space Y

Yohan Gong, Age: 5

Fremont, CA, USA

Go to sea school

Sitong Xiong 6

Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Time to Come

Sofia Baptiste

16 Burbank, CA, USA

Second Place

Looking to the Future

Olivia Park, Age:13

Dallas, TX, USA


Linda Liu, Age:14

Beijing, China

Group 2

Age 7-12

Teaching Award 

Future Computers

Ryan Zhang Age: 6

Fremont, CA, USA

Teaching Award 

Teachers will receive Teaching Award if more than 5 of his/her students’ work got into final round of Competition.  And certificate will be awarded to each teacher. List of Teaching Award will be published in the international media including ABC, NBC, CBS, Ifeng etc.

Our World Our Future

Thalia Garcia 16

Madera, CA, USA

Journey to the Future

Huanying Yeh 16

Rocklin, CA, USA

Submitting Entries 

Entry Deadline : Nov 30, 2018

Entries must be submitted electronically at Arts for The Future. Students may submit up to 2 pieces.

Artwork must be submitted in .jpg or .png format. File naming convention: Lastname_FirstInitial_Title.jpg (example: Smith_Jone_Dream.jpg)

Artwork should be flat and created  (in inches) not exceed 11″×17″ (29.7 cm ×42 cm).

Need For Speed

Xiu H'ng Oo, Age: 12

Georgetown, Malaysia